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Thursday - October 8, 2009


Fly Me To The Moon

If you thought that most people in their mid fifties are thinking of retirement and perhaps slowing down a tad, then think again.

One Gold Coast lady is turning the world upside down with her incredible plans to fly into outer space.

Glenys Ambe has her sights set on being one of the first people in the world to join Sir Richard Branson to take flight into space as a Virgin Galactic astronaut.

In a huge feat, she is going to board the inaugural commercial flight to space.

So how does a highly successful Queensland businesswoman find herself with such a unique interest?

As owner of Caterpillar fashion boutiques, a former ballet dancer and teacher, this amazing woman has an incredible story to share about her life, challenges and goals for the future.

We were very happy to hear this story of achievement and success!



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