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September Breakfast 2005

This month's guest speaker was the inspirational Perry Cross, with a special appearance from Lyndey Milan, Food Director of the Australian Women's Weekly & presenter of the hit TV series Fresh.

Ten years ago Gold Coast teenager Perry Cross broke his neck in a football accident, and was left a quadriplegic on life support, unable to move from the neck down, unable to talk and unable to eat. Most people in this situation never leave the hospital, however Perry, with the support of his family made a major decision: "Let's get moving."

Hearing Perry speak was an unforgettable experience. Truly, this man is an inspiration to all - a freak accident left Perry in a situation most of us could never ever recover from, but with that one decision - "Let's get moving" - Perry showed that he is made from sterner stuff!


Lyndey Milan is one of Australia's most enthusiastic communicators on food, wine and lifestyle. As Food Director of the Australian Women's Weekly and daily presenter of the TV hit series Fresh, she is also President of Food Media Club Australia as well as a myriad of other food and wine related roles around the nation. Lyndey was able to give us a fascinating insight into food, wine and lifestyle, showing us that there really is a whole world out there that most people never see.


Photos from September 2005


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