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Thursday - July 7 2011


The Handwriting Guy...


Malcolm McLeod started his working life as a member of the Queensland Police Force. He then moved into the Special Care Unit of Long Bay Gaol where he worked for six years as a counsellor. Malcolm then spent the next eight years managing activities departments and delivering training and team building programs to corporate groups at some of Australias finest resorts.

As a counsellor at Long Bay Gaol, he sharpened his communication skills via facilitating group therapy sessions for maximum-security inmates. This sparked his interest in the science of handwriting analysis and group facilitation.

Now, after 25 years of studying graphology, Malcolm has created a live seminar that humorously but potently unveils the character traits that are revealed in your handwriting.

This fantastic session showed us how to interpret other peoples writing and find out what they are really like!

Malcolm believes one of the most important metaphors, affirmations boosters for your self esteem/self belief is... your signature.



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