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Thursday - June 2nd 2011


Liz Davenport


With over 35 years in fashion, Liz Davenport is one of Australia's most successful fashion designers, businesswoman, staunch environmentalist and supporter of a myriad of charities.

In 1980, Liz received both the Grand Award from the Fashion Industry of Australia and the Advance Australia Award for her contribution to Australian lifestyle through fashion.

Liz hit the headlines in an effort to stop logging in old growth Karri and Jarrah forests in Western Australia a topic which saw her stand as a candidate in the Western Australia election in 2001, against the premier.

She was also requested to create garments for the Thai Queen, who Liz has since worked on programs supporting local Thai women in the silk industry.

Having worked with various charities for community based projects and causes; Lis recent fund-raising focus includes the native Australian Numbat, a threatened marsupial of which less than 1500 remain in the wild. A total wonder woman, and one of Australia's most successful brands.


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