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Breakfast for Women in Business

June 2006

Thursday June 1st, in the Medusa Ballroom of Palazzo Versace, Main Beach.


The Truth About Lies

Ever wondered if someone is telling the truth. Ever told a lie yourself and thought the person you told knew you were stretching the truth?

At our June breakfast we untangled truth from fiction and you were amazed what you learnt from Australia’s two leading experts on the subject of 'LIES AND DECEPTION'.

Our very special guest speakers were Andy Shea - a former London police officer turned writer and journalist AND Steve Van Aperen - a past Victorian homicide detective who is now a deceptive behaviour expert and FBI-trained polygraph examiner.

These specialists helped you separate fact from fiction and helped you tell who’s lying and who’s telling the truth.

You learnt how to detect a liar from what people say, how they say it and from their body language.

Not only did we learn from their experts but we had the opportunity to witness it first hand as they presented polygraph tests live on stage with volunteers from the audience!

Photos from the day


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