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Breakfast for Women in Business

Past Event


Thursday April 11


Early Risers presents Catriona Rowntree

As ĎAustraliaís most travelled womaní, Catriona Rowntree has earned this title after more than 17 years at the helm of Australiaís favourite travel show, Getaway, on channel 9. Catriona began her television career on WonderWorld!, and has worked on radio, television and print since.

In addition to her media roles, Catriona is always involved in community work and is currently an Ambassador for the Year of the Farmer. She is also a very popular speaker, and host of various events. When not in an aeroplane, Catriona lives with her husband and two children on their farm in rural Victoria.

While Catriona has seen the world a hundred times over, itís the world through her Nanís eyes that has really changed her life... When Catriona left home, started her media career, found and lost boyfriends, met her future husband, married and fell pregnant Ė her Nanís words of encouragement, warmth and love helped to guide her behaviour and choices, and still continues to do so.

This was a fabulous morning of table talk, corporate connecting and a sensational breakfast at Palazzo Versace Gold Coast!


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