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Thursday - April 1, 2010


Wonder Women Saving The World

We featured a line-up of inspirational women who are working to change the world.

From being detained in Laos without charge, to helping the poor in Africa, to saving the near extinct Orangutan our special guests had some amazing stories to tell.


Kay Danes

Best selling author of "Famlilies Behind Bars" (2008) and her own inspirational survival story "Standing Ground," Kay has addressed several U.S Congressional forums, spoken at the US National Press Club, and is the only Australian to be invited as a panelist to the 61st Conference on World Affairs (2009).

Detained without charge, and sentenced to seven years in prison in a Laos jail, Kay's amazing story had us on the edges of our seats.

Gemma Sisia

From Australian farm girl to helping the poor in Africa. The gift of a small plot of land in Tanzania allowed her to realise her dream.

In 2002 The School of St Jude opened with only a handful of sponsored children.

The school has exploded to over 1300 children all of whom are given a free education through sponsorship from around Australia and abroad.

Tracey Courtney

Long time conservative activist, Tracey has gone from supporting the Bali Bomb Fundraiser 2002 and supporting Bali Widows to working with Rainforest Rescue Saving Rainforest and had just returned from world-changing trek through Sumatran Jungle On The Orangutan Adventure Trek to save the near extinct Orangutan population.



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