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Breakfast for Women in Business

February 2006

Thursday February 2nd, in the Medusa Ballroom of Palazzo Versace, Main Beach.


Personality Secrets Revealed!

Secrets, home-truths and star qualities revealed in YOUR handwriting.

Imagine you could instantly see what a person is REALLY like, just by looking at their handwriting. If they’re confident, sincere, arrogant, intelligent, ruthless, unscrupulous, promiscuous, outgoing, or shy.

That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do after listening to one of the world’s leading handwriting analysts, Australia's very own Malcolm McLeod.


The way you write says who you are.

Where you place your full stops, the way you cross your “t’s” and dot your “i’s”. How loopy your signature is. Which way it slopes. Whether you print or use cursive writing - all reveal secrets about your personality.

You’ll double up laughing as Malcolm reveals good and not so flattering personality traits of unsuspecting members of the audience. You find out what your signature says about you and what others around you are REALLY like.

According to Malcolm, it’s a handy tool in sales presentations, working with clients, making new friends, getting on with your team members ... and even for picking up the opposite sex.



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